Degree Projects
as of June 2011

Advisor - Joan C. Nordbotten, Associate Professor
Department of Information and Media Science
University of Bergen (UiB), Bergen, Norway

The following projects within the field of information and data management have been accepted and/or completed as graduate theses for the degrees of PhD, Magister, or Master of Information Science.

Candidate Thesis Title
(N: thesis in Norwegian. Title translation by jcn)
Doctoral degree theses
(2012) Christian Hartvedt Context Focused Interaction - Towards Improving User Interaction with Image Collections
2010 Lars-Jacob Hove Drawing Visual Query Images – Use, Users and Usability of Query by Drawing Interfaces for Content Besed Image Retrieval Systems
2004 Tor Kristian Bjelland

Classification: Assumptions and Implications for Conceptual Modelling

Magister degree thesis
1987 Tove Fjeldvig

Improving Search Effectiveness in Information Retrieval Systems Using Language Based Methods. (N)

Master's degree theses
2009 Andrew Moores Acceptance of Synthetic speech in Multi-modal Information Retrieval
2009 Jan-Erik Bråten An analysis of image folksonomy generation
2007 Stig Narve Brunstad

Are Information Retrieval Languages too Simple? - A study of an extended query language. (N)

2007 Nina Bergli

A Comparison of Oracle and DB2 pertaining to text and image retrieval

2007 Christian Hartvedt Utilizing Context in Ranking Results from Distributed Image Retrieval - the CAIRANK prototype (2 MB)
2007 Gjermund Nesland Presentation Generation Support for Educational Use - The IndiPress prototype (2.1 MB)
2006 Nina Jaunsen Using the MPEG-7 Image Description Standard in an Object-relational Environment (8.6 MB)
2006 Ragnhild Vinsvold An Evaluation of Image Retrieval in an OR-DBMS/Image System. (N) (2.7 MB)
2005 Helene Rønnevik Ranking Images Retrieved from HTML Document Collections. (N) (11 MB)
2005 Hilde Hansen and
Karin Ingvaldsen
Dynamic Schema Integration - the ACRoSS Prototype. (4 MB)
2005 Andreas Jacobsen Using XQuery as a Multi Database Language to resolve Semantic Heterogeneity. (645 KB)
2004 Lars Jacob Hove Improving Image Retrieval with a Thesaurus for Shapes - the VORTEX Prototype. (1 MB)
2002 Beate Vågen

MQL/Doc for multi-database systems containing document collections (N)

2001 Eivind Arnesen

Extending metadata coverage - for business data warehouse systems

1999 Erlend Bjørge

Transferring from RDBMS to OO-DBMS systems. (N)

1998 Clemence Kumawie

Seamless Access to Relational and GIS Mulit-DBS

1998 Haileselassie Zewdie Abraha

Dynamic Perspective in GIS.

1995 Naveed Ashraf

Handling Multiple Data Representation in GIS.

1993 May Britt Abbedissen

A Simplified Query Language for Relational DBS. (N)

1992 Frank Indome

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Multidata Database Management

1992 Martha Alfsvåg

A DDL for Semantic Data Models -Maintaining Object System Semantics in DBM Systems. (N)

1992 Bente Kaldestad

Synonym Identification in Heterogeneous Distributed Databases. (N)

1991 Kin Mak

Semantic Representation of SQL Schema (an Object Oriented Approach)

1991 Jolaug Solstad

Handling Synonyms in MSQL a Multidatabase Query Language Supporting Data Integration. (N)

1991 Anne Asserson

The Representation of Time in Information Systems - an Analysis of the handling of relative time in Project Administration Tools. (N)

1991 Kristine Aasen

IT Project Management Tools for Quality Control of Patient Care.(N)

1990 Robert Moen

Transformation of Semantic Data Models to Relational Data Models. How does the choice of Semantic Model effect the Degree of normalization in the resulting RM? (N)

1990 Heidi Wevik

Schema Translation and Integration in Database Design

1986 Tor Kristian Bjelland

Logical Integration of Multiple, Individually Operative, Databases.

1986 Gretha Løland

Data Modeling - Using Infological Models in Data Base Design. (N)

1980 Stein Bakke

Implementation of Parts of a Dynamic Database System on a Micro Machine. (N)

1979 Arvid Hilstad

A Basis for Implementation of a Dynamic Database System. (N)

1977 Ellen Hagelsteen

An Analysis of Journal Referencing for Topic Libraries. (N)

1977 Gunnar Dalseth

Access Control Systems: Architecture and Algorithms. (N)