Responsible staff:

Svein Nordbotten            Joan C. Nordbotten
SVEIN NORDBOTTEN            Department of Information and Media Sciences
Birkelundsbakken 11A        University of Bergen
N-5231 Paradis              N-5020 Bergen,
NORWAY                      NORWAY

The permanent members of the SIS project group are:

Professor Svein Nordbotten
has been working with statistical systems and computers since the early 1950's. He has a career as a statistician, Associate Director of the Central Bureau of Statistics of Norway, and Director of the UN Statistical Office. He has also been consultant and advisor to a number of international and national statistical agencies. He was appointed as Professor of Information Science, School of Social Siences,University of Bergen in 1972 where he established information science and the Department of Information Science. He served as Dean for the School of Social Sciences from 1989-1992. He has also served as a President of the International Association for Statistical Computing, and as a Vice President of the International Statistical Institute. He has written about 120 papers and books on economics, statistics, and information science. From 1999 Svein Nordbotten is professor emeritus at the University of Bergen and heading the research enterprise SVEIN NORDBOTTEN & ASSOCIATES.

Associate Professor Joan C. Nordbotten
has worked in developing computer applications in a number of diverse areas since the mid 60s. She was the Head of the University Computing Center in 1970-71 and has been a member of the research staff of the Department of Information Science since 1973. She served as Chairperson for the department from 1990-1992. Her main research interests have been database management and information system design and she has written more than 60 technical papers and books on database management, data modelling, heterogeneous distributed database systems, and information system design. She has been Vice President of the International Association for Statistical Computing, is a member of the Board of the European Section of IASC, and a long time member of ACM and IEEE.

The project group has established cooperation with:

Several other national and international statistical agencies have expressed interest in the project work and are kept currently informed about the SIS work.

People and organizations interested in the SIS project are invited to contact:

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