Project framework


Responsible staff:

Svein Nordbotten            Joan C. Nordbotten
SVEIN NORDBOTTEN            Department of Information and Media Sciences
Birkelundsbakken 11A        University of Bergen
N-5231 Paradis              N-5020 Bergen,
NORWAY                      NORWAY

Users of statistical information expect rapid access       1. Design of systems.
to relevant, correct and  timely data                      2. Meta datasystems.
preferably presented in a customized format                3. Data acqusition and processing.
                                                           4. Data integration and organization.
                                                           5. Data presentation and dissemination. 

An increasing number of users have access to modern information technology for transferring information from both national and international statistical sources. In the future they will be accustomed to processing the statistics and data using their own spreadsheet and database programs as well as mathematical and statistical packages.

Improvement of the large, statistical systems has been a prime goal from the first system was established. Impressive methodological and techological results have been ashieved by the researchers in statistical agencies and academic research groups. The SIS project group wish to participate and make contributions to the future improvement of statistical system activities.

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