Statistical systems


Responsible staff:

Svein Nordbotten       Joan C. Nordbotten
SVEIN NORDBOTTEN       Department of Information Science
Birkelundsbakken 11A   University of Bergen
N-5231 Paradis         N-5020 Bergen
NORWAY                 NORWAY

The large statistical information systems considered by the SIS project group are normally the responsibility of national, regional, and international bodies serving a number of users with information about demographic, social, economic, environmental and resource factors. The systems are developed and maintained by well established, and cooperating statistical agencies. The SIS project group can hope to make only modest contributions to further system development and must rely on close contact and cooperation with such agencies.

Design, implementation, running and maintenance of statistical information systems require competence which can mainly be found in these agencies. However, in some specialized areas requiring knowledge in software and hardware tools applied to the problems of statistical systems, small project groups like SIS may have ideas and concepts which can be usefull.

The Department of Information Science is a well suited environment for work in this area. The location of this department in a faculty of social sciences, and with members with a long time engagement in statistical systems, gives the SIS project group a unique possibility to combine experience from statistical systems, competence from social sciences and computer science in work with problems within statistical information systems.

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